Listen to the world’s top podcasts 2020

Podcasting has changed the way how people earlier used to listen to the radios. This world is fortunate enough to enjoy this transformation in the audio listening form. Earlier the times very difficult which made it tough for the people to enjoy the world’s best series that too in the form of an audio. Also, this has grounded the television and film history in its own way. Television shows cannot be recorded earlier, but podcasts are recorded forms of those series.

top podcasts 2020

When we need to get ourselves entertained, podcasts have our back and popular podcasts 2020 are the newest forms of entertainment. In the year 2020, when the world is disturbed with the outbreak of coronavirus, podcasts have been our favourite time pass in the lonely times. On some podcasts you can listen to quarantine-specific shows such as cooking tips. You can also plays shows that are good for distracting the minds o little ones. The best podcasts 2020 also deliver advice on mental health issues and so on. They take you to a fictional world where you can easily enjoy a stress-free life.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into learning a few things about most popular podcasts.

Dead Eyes

The first in the list of top podcasts 2020 is Dead Eyes which includes a famous comedian Connor Ratliff. This man is about to initiate filming a tiny role in a famous series. The series is named as Band of Brothers which happened to took place 2 decades ago. However, unfortunately he lost the role because of a man. This man is known as Tom Hanks. Hanks thought that the man has dead eyes. He thought this is the biggest rejection he could ever face. It continued to haunt him for a long time. For rest of the story, you need to listen to it and you will definitely find it an amazing one as suggested by top listeners.


The next in the list of best podcasts 2020 is Floodlines. This is a reported piece on how the government failed at the expectation of the people of New Orleans. The government did not help the people after Hurricane Katrina. This was a bit difficult moment for the people. The reporter in the series tells people listening to this podcast that the hurricane itself was not that bad. This is because it was a hurricane of Category 3 but not of Category 5. Many consider it as one of the best podcasts of the year.

Home Cooking

This is yet another most popular podcasts 2020. This is started by keeping in mind that most of the people are shifting their interest to cooking during the lockdown. Cooking is yet another interesting task which is adapted by the people during the lockdown. But, there is much difficulty in getting access to the groceries

Julie’s Library

Julie’s Library is one of the best podcasts 2020 which is loved by the people a lot. There is a character in it who is named as Mary Poppins. She will definitely help your child from completely going crazy. The Oscar winner Julie Andrews is known for hosting story time for kids who are 10 or under it. She has published more than 30 children’s books along with her elder daughter.

Oh, Hello: The P’dcast

The top podcasts free 2020 is this one which stars Kroll and John Mulaney. They both combined together to produce this show in which they portrayed old New Yorkers who love tuna fish.

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