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Enjoy the Paid Podcasts to get the Best Experience

Podcasts can be considered as the new kind of radio with a slight difference. But you need to put some extra efforts to listen to these downloadable shows. In the classic radio, we just needed to twist the dial to reach to our favorite channel and listen to it. But this is not the case with podcasts free online.

There are a number channels and genres you can stream on the podcasts. The list of channels includes topics like politics and culture, serial dramas, comedy, interview shows, and so on. You can stream all of it just for free however there are paid versions available too.

All you need to do is install an Podcasts app on your device be it phone or anything else and download your favorite shows. There are plenty of podcasts free to choose from and same is the case with apps that support it. You may continue reading this helpful guide to get started with streaming your favorite shows.

What are podcasts and are
they free?

As we have already discussed podcasts can be considered to be the same as a radio but with a twist. Podcasts can be played by installing your favorite app and then you can listen to your desired shows from different genres. Also, there are a number of best free podcasts available online which means podcasts are available for free. Yes, you read that right.

Podcasts free online can be easily downloaded and accessed on a mobile phone. However, paid ones are also available, but if you are a beginner you should go for the free podcasts. In a free podcast, you can enjoy each feature the same as the paid one. The list of podcasts free online is available in the next section.


This ultimate edition of podcast is available for the iPhone users for free. This comes an in-built app in your device but there’s a catch. The app does not include a fully featured program. However, you can always use it if you wish to quickly get started with using free podcasts. Some of you might miss the “voice boost” feature might be available in other players. Without this feature, they cannot listen in loud environments.

But, this serves as a great option for those who still wish to stream and download the shows. You can also set auto-downloading option for downloading new episodes just for free.

Play Music

Now we are going to discuss about Google Play Music which is available for Android users. Google podcast or you can call it as a music streaming app comes preinstalled on Android devices also supports podcasts free online. This is not as complex as it is in Apple devices but it is very simple to use on Androids.

You can easily subscribe to podcasts and download the desired episodes. Users can also use the skip and rewind options during the playback. In addition to this, you can also have it as an app version that runs in the web browser allowing you to listen from your computers as well. This lets you enjoy even if you are working at your desk and wish to save your phone’s battery.


The next name in the category of podcasts Spotify free online is Spotify. It is generally known as a music streaming service but most of you might not know that it added the free podcast feature in it in the year 2015. In it, all the basic features of free podcasts are available.

Those who are regular users of Spotify may find the experience very similar. On top of that, you are given the feature to flip between episodes and your music. This reduces the hassle of switching between the apps to play episodes and songs. But there are some laws you need to comply with. You might not be able to enjoy many things on it because there are only a handful of podcasts available. Other than this, if you are not using the premium subscription, you have to listen to ads in between the programs.

Enjoy these paid podcasts to get the best experience

These were some of the podcasts free online. Now we shall discuss about some of the best yet paid ones.

The first in this category is Pocket Casts of which the premium subscription is available just for $4. It is more than a basic version of podcasts player and can be used to enjoy additional benefits at a very affordable price.

The next one is the paid category is Overcast. This is the gold standard of iOS podcast apps. You can enjoy its online podcasts free version as well as the premium version for $10/year.

Give these podcasts a try

  1. 01) Serial
  2. 02) Fresh Air from NPR
  3. 03) Longform
  4. 04) S-Town
  5. 05) Reply All.

Other than this, you can search through a whole list of podcasts free by searching for it on the internet. You can also get hints for the same from Buzz Feed, Vulture, The New York Times, and The Atlantic.